Image Comics presenta la miniserie horror natalizia The Deviant

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Lo scrittore pluripremiato James Tynion IV (W0RLDTR33, The Department of Truth), l’acclamato artista Joshua Hixson (The Plot, Children of the Woods) si uniscono per una storia horror natalizia nera come la pece in The Deviant Questa agghiacciante miniserie in nove numeri sarà lanciata a novembre da Image Comics negli USA .

As snow falls over Milwaukee in 1972, a blood-stained Santa Claus commits unimaginable atrocities against young men. Fifty years later, a troubled young writer interviews this so-called “Deviant Killer,” who still maintains his innocence from behind bars. And as Christmas approaches once again, the past returns, wielding a sharpened ax.

“The Deviant is something a little different,” ha detto Tynion IV. “A dark, focused psychological crime thriller where I get to explore the intersection of my queer identity and a broader scope of cultural transgression and deviance. This is my response to Silence of the Lambs and Jeffrey Dahmer serving as my first real glimpses of my queer identity as a young closeted Midwestern boy. It’s one of the darkest and most personal stories I’ve ever written. It’s also a story about Christmas.”

Hixson ha aggiunto: “The Deviant is the kind of book i’ve been wanting to make for a long time. While I’ve been no stranger to the horror genre in my career of making comics, this story scratches a particular itch and is unlike anything I’ve been a part of. And to get to do it with James, Steve, and Hassan at Image Comics has been so creatively rewarding. I’m really excited for people to read it this holiday season.”

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Marcello Portolan
Uno strano mix genetico sperimentale allevato a fumetti & fantascienza classica, plasmato dal mondo dell'informatica e della tecnologia, ma con la passione per la scrittura. Un ghiottone che adora esplorare il mondo in cerca di Serie TV e pellicole da guardare noncurante dei pericoli del Trash e dello splatter. un vero e proprio globetrotter del mondo NERD

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