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How did you discover your passion for the world of comics?

I have loved comics since I was a child, I am dyslexic and this has influenced my reading and writing, so I have always been more attracted to the way of communicating in the art of comics.

I’ve always had an interest in horror comics, such as Scream’s creepy and comic style! [UK comic]. I think it’s all based on the emotional power of fear.

What are your sources of inspiration?

the inspiration comes from everywhere, at the beginning it comes from artists you admire, for me it started with Simon Bisley, Frezetta, Glenn Fabry and others. I learned a lot from Simon and I am very grateful to him. these days I can draw inspiration from a photo on Facebook or anywhere, I’m always looking for inspiration [Laughs]

How did the work of a cover artist come about? How are your covers born?

I start with some very rough sketches, with an emphasis on composition and lighting, when the editors decide which sketch to develop on a finished cover I start to elaborate the details, sometimes I paint the acrylic cover and other times I paint them in Photoshop , I use basically the same technique in both cases, the real difference that Photoshop is faster.

Which of your covers are you most fond of?

[Laughs] the last one I worked on, I spent most of my time on it, I think like most artists I have a relationship of hate \ love, sometimes I think I did a good job other times it hate

Which character would you like to dedicate a special cover to?

A difficult question, I was lucky to work for most of the big publishers and I designed so many covers, for so many characters, that I wouldn’t know how to name them all, but if I had to choose I would say Joker. There is something that attracts me in his madness

What are your next future projects?

As always I have like 5 covers in a row to finish. I’d like to tell you what I’m working on, but I can’t [laughs] I can say that most of it is stuff for Marvel and DC and there are a lot of dark and disturbing things.

Ps I love my job.

We sincerely thank Ryan Brown for the time he wanted to dedicate to us

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